Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby It's Hot Outside

This is the difference between summertime and the other seasons:

1. Daylight arrives early and stays late, which means...

2. Bedtime is moot. This is hard on a mom who needs just a bit of breathing room.

3. The children never leave. Thanks for not telling me how one day when they do leave, I will miss them and yearn for the days when they were little.

4. The house enters an eternal state of messes, despite constant cleaning.

5. Dinner is MIA. There is no savory crock pot dish or simmering soup. There is only hummus, tortilla chips, blueberries, watermelon, cheese, and crackers. And Oreos. And dark chocolate coconut almonds, eaten compulsively. Forage for your dinner.

6. Lots of swimming happens, in an outdoor pool over which shimmers one hundred degree waves of heat.

7. There is no time for books. No books makes me crabby.

8. There is time for a few family excursions to the mountains, which are lovely.

9. Walking outside barefoot is a valid option.

10. The guys need random car outings and a change of scenery, as do I.

11. My birthday happens.

12. My short-term memory goes out to lunch.

1 comment:

  1. #3 HA HA HA! And #5 sounds like a dream meal to me, not kidding. But I would be large and in charge if I ate only this...